There are many religions in the world and each one has their own teachings and thoughts. Each religion has their beliefs and opinion over the concept of heaven and hell. However, each religion has defined the place of a soul in heaven or hell over his deeds that he did during his entire life.It is believed that a person goes to heaven if he does good deeds in his life and goes to hell if he has done in human works.

For all those who believe hell is real, we have some news. Not only is hell real, it could very well be here on Earth. These are some of the cruelest, most unforgiving and demoralizing places known to mankind. Some of these places are unapproachable and getting there could cost you dearly.

Some places on this earth have so many mysteries associated with it that are considered as the door to hell. Here we bring you 10 places around the world which are said to be the door to hell and one should avoid going there.

1. Kamchatka Peninsula

Kamchatka Peninsula

The Peninsula is located in the Russian far-East and contains a number of active volcanoes. If this is not an entrance to hell, then we don’t know what is.

2. Blue Lake

blue lake

Blue Lake, located in Russia, has high levels of hydrogen sulfide giving it a bright, glowing blue coloring. Terrifyingly, as far as we know so far, the lake is bottomless.

3. Magical Cave, Naples, Italy

A great poet of Virgil ahs described this cave as 100 doors to hell which are 2000 years older. Later in 1932, a famous astronomer ‘Amedeo Maiuri’ termed this cave as one of the most dangerous doors to hell on the earth.

4. Lacus Curtius, Rome, Italy

In Rome, a small well is considered as the door to hell. It is said that constable Lacus Curtius gave up his life to save Rome from a gang of horse riders. He jumped into this well and since then this well was considered as a door to hell by Romans.

6. Hekla, Iceland


According to Islamic culture, a volcano of the southern plateau of Iceland is referred as the fire of the hell. According to the folklore and stories of Islamic monks of middle age, this plateau is the home of witches and whoever goes there never comes back. In short, he dies and goes to hell.

7. Door to Hell

Door to Hell
Derweze, a small village in northern Turkmenistan, has a population of only 350. It also has a DOOR TO HELL. A 70 meter wide hole in the earth that has been burning for over 40 years.

8. Pluto Door, Turkey


In Greek mythology, Pluto that means Hades is considered as the Lord of Hell and evil spirits rule this planet. And it is considered as the door to hell. In a recent research in Turkey, an archaeologist has found some remains of a temple and a bath. There is a cave of poisonous gas nearby it which kills many birds and animals.

9. Lake Natron

Lake Natron

The picture above shows a calcified flamingo in Lake Natron in Tanzania. The lake is next to the Ol Doinyo volcano and is extremely toxic.

10. City of Ghosts, China

There is always silence in this city of China. This 2000 years old city is located on a peak of Ming mountain. According to historic tales, there is a giant idol of rock which is considered as the pictures of ghosts and demons and it is a home for these demons.

These hell holes are some of the meanest things on our dear planet. Do you think you have what it takes to take a trip down to one of them?

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