About us...?

If you are space, alien, future enthusiast then you are at a right place. LOL


We post those types of content that will only expand your knowledge about universe, space, alien, science and there will be no b#@$!.

Now, when it comes about content. We take at least a week or two to give you full detailed blog post. We search the full internet, youtube, forums, ask people about it, take their suggestion. And after full analysis we make our researched work on paper after that we show it to our members. When the majority of members approve it. We upload it.

Now, when it comes to which topic to post. We see your comment, analyse it and see if backyard mystery member wants the blog on any specific topic. If it is then we repeat that process and upload the quality content for you.


About our special member

We actually have an alien with us (lol). There is no name for him so we call him BM62. And the cool part about this is that sometimes he writes the blog post which is quite interesting which will shock you.

BM62 posts are always interesting. And you should never miss his post.


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Note: We have to do research, we take time to write posts.

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