Everything You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

Everything You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

As always, I’ve looked the whole web about what really is Artificial Intelligence. Topics like What really is Artificial Intelligence. And terms, like What is Machine Learning, What is Singularity, what is deep learning, or how artificial intelligence and singularity are connected and what are the types of Artificial Intelligence and What is Weak AI and General AI and more questions like this but was a little bit worried to see that there was no any blog post on Google which completely clears our concept of what really is artificial intelligence and what is expert system in ai. So, here I’ve made Everything You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

Everything You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

  • What Really is Artificial Intelligence?

First, a fall, let’s look at the definition of Artificial Intelligence. To avoid confusion, we have to go back to the earliest and hence the purest definition of AI from the time when it was first coined.

The official idea of AI was coined by Jay McCarthy in 1955 at the Dartmouth conference. Jay McCarthy proposed

Every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can in principle be so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it. An attempt will be made to find how to make machine use language, form abstractions and concepts, solve kinds of problems now reserved for humans, and improve themselves.

In essence, AI is a machine to solve problems that are usually done by us humans with our natural intelligence.

  • What is Intelligence?

Well according to Jack Copeland, who has written several books on AI, some important factors of Intelligence are:

  1. Generalisation Learning – Learning that enables the learner to be able to perform better in situations not previously encountered.
  2. Reasoning – To reason is to draw conclusions appropriate to situations in hand.
  3. Problem Solving-It means, given such and such date like find X 
  4. Language Understanding-Understand language by following syntax and rules similar to a human.

Okay so till now you have some understanding of AI and what is Intelligence. To bring it together a bit and solidify our understanding let’s look at some examples of AI.

Examples of AI: As per our understanding till now

  1. Machine Learning
  2. Computer Vision
  3. Natural Language Processing
  4. Robotics
  5. Pattern Recognition
  6. Acknowledgement Management

Everything You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

  • What are the Types of Artificial Intelligence?

Now we know what is artificial is intelligence and what is intelligence. But let’s get to know that what are the types of Artificial Intelligence.There are different types of AI such as Strong AI and Weak AI.

What is Strong AI or General AI?

Strong AI or General AI is simulating the human brain by building systems that think and in a process give us an insight into how the brain works

We’re nowhere near to a General AI

What is Weak AI?

Weak Artificial Intelligence is a system that behaves like a human but doesn’t give us an insight into how the brain works.

An example can be: IBM Chess Game

I hope you’re enjoying the topic Everything You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

What is Machine Learning?

Everything You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

Google’s Deep Learning is similar to that as it mimics the structure of human brain by using Neural Network but doesn’t follow its function exactly. The system uses nodes that act as Artificial Neurons connecting information going.

Till now you must have understood pretty much about what really is Artificial Intelligence. You’ve learned what is artificial intelligence, what is intelligence, what are the types of artificial intelligence and what is weak artificial intelligence and what is general artificial intelligence.

But let’s go a bit deeper on Everything You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

Neural Networks are actually a subset of Machine Learning. So what exactly is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning refers to Algorithm that enables software to improve its performance over time as it obtains more date. Let’s understand this by a pretty cute example.

Example of What is Machine Learning?

A programmer doesn’t know how to create a software which can recognise a cat but he can make a programme with a form of intelligence that can learn to do so. If he gives a programme enough date in the form of cats and let it process and learn so at the end by time passes that software will do so.

What is an Expert System?

Most Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms are an expert system. So, what exactly is an expert system? Let us know the definition of an expert system.

An expert system is a system that employs human knowledge in a computer to solve problems that ordinarily enquire human expertise. Basically, an expert knowledge is the practical application of a knowledge database.

Now let’s dig a bit deeper into the knowledge of, What Really is AI? Now I will tell you what is Singularity?, What is Deep Learning? and How AI is connected to Singularity?

What is Singularity?

How is AI connected to Singularity?

From now onwards everything will be easier for you to understand.

So, When a time comes, where AI will become self-aware and a little bit, just 1% more intelligent then humans then that theoretical event is called Singularity and the AI formed from it is called General AI

Note: Strong AI is no more any software. The formation of a Strong AI or General AI will be like making a whole new life form.


What is Deep Learning?

Machine learning uses Algorithms to phrase date, learn from the data, and make informed decisions based on what it has learned. Whereas, Deep Learning structures algorithms in layers to create an “Artificial Neural Network” that can learn and make intelligent decisions on its own. Basically, deep learning is a subfield of Machine Learning.

Everything You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence


At last, I have an infographic for this topic. You can copy the embedded code and apply this to your site or share this blog to your social networks.

everything you need to know about artificial intelligence


This was Everything You Need To Know About AI. Anyway, that was what I think you should know about Artificial Intelligence. This should clear things up and solidify your concept of what really is artificial intelligence.

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