Albert Einstein has well said, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”

And yes human behavior is curious to know new things either due to their work or for interest.

Our universe is full of mysteries and amazement .Sometimes some natural events amaze us but sometime human discoveries also make us confuse that how can it be happening.

Hi, friends I am going to tell you some amazing events and discoveries that will definitely make you think once.

First in our list we have-

  1. Mysterious Ice circles in the Arctic.

Recently NASA captures some puzzling holes breaking in Arctic. When this news was announced NASA and other Agencies started searching about the cause behind these big ice holes.

On April 14, NASA reveals the occurrence of three interesting holes in sea ice.

We know that possibilities are always there.

Many theories were given for its cause but not even one of them has been confirmed by NASA.
The most relevant theory given was that it might be possible that these holes were made by seals in need of breathing holes. But the things that amazes is that how can seal make such deep holes.

There is also an encircling feature near the ice holes, which is said to be made due to waves of water acted upon the snow and ice.


Now days, pollution is one of the biggest problems which is affecting environment and hence affecting our human’s lifestyle.

Now it is not hidden that our space is also being affected by debris/pollution.

Next invention and future event which is going to be amazing is  a project being prepared by Russian Scientists.

2. Amazing Laser canon that would Blast the Debris in Space.


Human made space junk has a wide spread in space. This debris is in form of discarded and broken parts of space craft or other things that were sent in space.

In 2013, NASA reported that our earth is surrounded by millions of this small size space debris. These debris travels at such a high speed that they can affect and seriously damage spacecraft or satellite.\

Earlier Japan presented a plan for blasting this debris in space itself.

Now Russian also wants to Blast Space junk .And this it is going to do it with the help of Laser canon.

You will be amazed by knowing that, this canon is going to be transformed from a 3-meter optical telescope.

It is being assumed that small laser will be combined to form a single powerful laser beam which will blast of the debris in space itself and if by chance a small part of debris remains safe and falls down to earth it would be burned by earth’s atmosphere.

A Russian Space Agency, Roscosmos has recently submitted this proposal to Russian academy of science.

I am really waiting for this project to be completed.


Elizabeth Bowen has said,” No object is mysterious. The mystery is your eye.”

I am not saying she is wrong but I am sure that The Box about which I am going to tell next is really amazing and mysterious at some extent too.

  1. The coldest spot (probably in whole universe) could be this Box.


Isn’t it just cool? How can a box be the coldest spot in Universe? This question stroked my mind and there was a time when I doubted this research/invention.

But yes I could now say that technology is being developed far beyond our imagination.

NASA is going to freeze atoms in their track with lasers, hence creating the coldest spot in universe. Its temperature could be the lowest possible temperature(-273.15 degrees Celsius)

I am sure you would be eager to know what this box is mainly known as.

This instrument is called The Cold Atom Laboratory (CAL) which is about the size of a beer cooler. It will use Lasers to create super cool environment that would be 10 billion times colder than the vacuum of Space. It will be so cold inside the box that the atoms would become nearly motionless. With its help scientists could observe the movement and interaction between the atoms.

But see how amazing it is that even in such cold temperature the atoms would be able to affect by the pull of gravity and the stopped motion would be seen for seconds.

This Experiment is mainly done to help scientist better understand the Quantum behavior of Atom.

This is a small break to this article but I make you sure that the next article would be more amazing.


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