list of rare diseases

Most Rare and Surprising Diseases.

So, here is another blog on list of rare diseases that will blow your mind.

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease”

You all will agree with these lines but what if diseases themselves are rarest, strange and yes dangerous too. Today I would be discussing about some strangest diseases of our time.

So, without any further do let’s get started.

What would be your reaction if you see a person eating those items which cannot be eaten; in fact, I would say which should not be eaten? You would absolutely move away from that person and think that the person is mad.

But what if I say he is not mad but yes a victim of the disease. Yes, I am talking about a disease known as PICA.

1. PICA: Pica is a bird which is known for collecting and eating odd things. Same is the condition of the patient suffering from pica.

In this disease human also starts eating strange item like Dirt, rocks, Feces (can you imagine), paper, hair etc.

It is not a too rare disease but is common in women and children. There is not a particular reason of its cause. Sometimes it is caused by the deficiency of an identifiable mineral like lead, iron etc.

Don’t think that its treatment is difficult or expensive. You have just to fulfill your minerals requirement and run out of mineral deficiency.


Next in our list is an extremely rare defect:

  1. EPIDERMOLYSIS BULLOSA (EB): It is a rare group of genetic conditions (birth defect) also known as butterfly disease.

It is really a very painful disease. I will definitely say that you can’t imagine that to what extent these patients feel pain.

This disease results in easy blistering and formation of Mucous membrane.

Let me tell you what actually blistering is.

Blistering is the formation of the small bubble on the skin which is filled with fluid (serum). They could also be filled with pus or blood.  This can be caused due to friction (rubbing), Infection or burning.

This disease can give mild (not too serious) results and sometimes lethal (that could even result in death; very harmful) results too.

A new research says transplantation of a modified stem cell can be a successful treatment for EB. In 2008, bone marrow was also transplanted in 2 infants (baby). This transplant was successful but still, it is considered risky. This disease mainly affects hands and feet.

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When I was in my primary classes I read a fiction story in which God sends his representative to earth. He plans to give the blessing to humans that they could shed their skin to look young even in their old age, but a snake cleverly takes that blessing. And that’s why snake are able to shed their skin. (It’s just a mythological fiction story).

What if I say humans can also shed their skin like reptiles. The next disease in our list will tell about his disease.

3.  Lamellar Ichthyosis: It is an extremely rare birth defect that causes babies to shed their skin like a reptile. Babies born with this disease are covered in a tight skin, which they later shed. These babies have a high risk of infection and dehydration as their outer protective layer and sweat gland is shed. In this case, patient’s lower eyelid can turn away from his/her eye. This can cause eye dryness and even irritation.

According to people, babies do not feel pain while their skin shed’s, but since it is too rare disease real information could not be revealed.

Believe me, these cases are 1 out of 3 lacks and sometimes 1 out of 6 lacks. What would you feel if some come to you and says he is dead now? I know it is something weird. But it’s that person’s mistake. He doesn’t know that he is suffering from a Mental Disorder. Next, on our list I will talk about this disease.

4.  Cotard delusion: This is a rare mental disorder in which the affected person believes that he is dead and does not exist. He also starts thinks as if he has no blood in his body and has also lost his internal organs.

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According to a research, this denial of self-existence is a symptom present in around 40%– 45% of cotard’s syndrome because rest believes they are immortal. Yes, it’s real; I was too shocked when I got to know about this.

It is said that their every type of delusion is thought to be the result of neural misfiring.

At first, I thought there would be no treatment for these ill people. But yes there is. These are treated using drugs (this is known as pharma logical department of treatment). If the condition is serious then ECT therapy is used i.e the patient is given the shock.


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